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Mayra Leon, is a Public Speaker,  Pastor, Prophetess, Teacher and Deliverance Minister, who has traveled since 1990 putting together women’s retreats under the name of “Virtuous Women”, where she empowers & assist them to get rid of issues of the heart.  Her specialty is dealing with abuse and inner healing.

She also visits the Women’s Correctional Facilities, where she teaches from her book. 

She is the author of the book, eBook and audio called “Root Issues”, which deals with issues of the heart, such as fears, rejections, angers, soul-ties, witchcraft and so much more, also available in Spanish, "Asuntos con Raiz".   Her new children's books on

Girl Version & Boy Version are, Abba's Princess &

Abba's Prince.  Dealing with the void of an absent father, even when the father lives at home, but is too busy.

She and her husband, Apostle Luis Leon, are the proud parents of 7 wonderful children.  They both carry the ministry given to them in New Jersey, since 1990 called, “Jesus Cares.”  They also have a ministry called, Life-Vida (bi-lingual ministry) which serves the purpose of training many who are interested in pursuing deeper Bible, furthering their ministry/calling, career development, Fine Arts and motivational empowering sessions.

The Lord has mandated her to train the Prophets through the 5-Fold School of  "Life-Vida".   

Life is composed of a team of leaders, dealing in the Five Fold Ministry (Eph. 4).  "Life-Vida" is breathing life to the dry bones and rising up an army of great leaders for God’s Kingdom.   For more information please visit website: (currently under construction)

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Mission Statement is Isaiah 61

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